We are a film society dedicated to showcasing and providing a platform for thought-provoking, innovative, and compelling films from around the world, many of which might otherwise have not been widely heard of.

Our events take place in unique spaces in and around Kolkata and for one time only.

We are dedicated to bringing the best of world cinema to Kolkata and beyond! As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support of our members and partners to continue providing a platform for films that deserve a screen. The Independent Film Society aims to serve the following purposes:

• To promote alternative films and emerging directors

• To promote international film and culture, and bring about cultural exchange

• To establish a multicultural dialogue among members belonging to diverse cultures, religions, and nationalities.

We organize exciting and unique film events that promote thought-provoking indie, avant-garde, classic, or alternative cinema from around the world. We are an organization which takes pride in showcasing independent and alternative cinema in and around Kolkata, as well as championing new, innovative filmmaking talents. One of our central aims is to establish a multicultural dialogue among members of diverse cultures in Kolkata and beyond.



Ankit is a Kolkata based film curator, consultant, and programmer for various national and international film festivals. He works as an independent audiovisual artist, practicing film and video art in Kolkata. He is endeavoring hard to create a space for independent filmmakers in India. He is also campaigning for the film preservation and restoration in India.


Anamitra Roy is a DIY writer-filmmaker from Kolkata. He is known for founding Little Fish Eat Big Fish, the first no-budget filmmakers’ forum out of India. Roy’s most recognized works include his shorts Jean-Luc Godard Had No Script (2010), Memories… of a Dead Township (2012) and his crowdfunded venture The One Rupee Film Project (2014).


Sudarshana is a Kolkata based freelance journalist, documentary filmmaker, and recipient of numerous laurels for her films on human rights and women issues. She is an active member of cultural activists, working for the promotion and safeguarding various arrays of culture and art. She is also a strong advocate for independent film movement in Kolkata


Sanjeeb is an actor based at Kolkata. He is a renowned face among the Kolkata's group theater circuit and the Bengali film & television industry. He is an avid film lover, critic, and a reputed film activist in Kolkata. He is also a distinguished figure to the independent film movement in Bengal.


Shubhankar is a Tea addict, Cinéphile, and eternal student. He has a wide array of interests in culture and arts, ranging from films, writing, music, and photography. As an active social media activist and independent filmmaker by himself, he is highly vocal for the independent film movement in Kolkata.